Wicked Reports – Why You Need Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is a web-based software that provides advanced analytics and reporting for businesses that use multiple marketing channels, such as email, social media, and paid advertising. The software allows businesses to track customer interactions through multiple attribution points and conversions across different marketing channels and provides insights and analytics to help businesses improve their marketing strategy and increase their ROI.

One of the main features of Wicked Reports is the ability to track the customer journey across multiple channels, such as email, social media, and paid advertising. This allows businesses to see which channels are driving the most conversions and revenue and to adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.

Wicked Reports also provides detailed analytics and reporting on customer behavior, such as live marketing data, predictive customer behavior, multiple cohort data reports, customer ltv reporting, geographic reporting, product attribution, sales, leads and click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated. These are just a few of the many features that allow businesses to see which campaigns and marketing efforts are working and which are not and make data-driven decisions on improving their marketing strategy.

Customer Journey

In addition, Wicked Reports has a “Customer Journey” feature that allows businesses to see the entire customer journey, including all interactions, such as first click, last click, conversions, and revenue generated for each customer. This feature helps businesses to understand which marketing efforts are most effective at different stages of the customer journey and to optimize their marketing strategy accordingly.

Here is an example of what the customer journey data looks like inside Wicked Reports.

You can see in the image above the revenue generated based on a first click, new lead, and last click.  Having a software program that reports multiple attribution points gives you confidence in making marketing business decisions.

A lot of competitor programs only track last-click revenue.  Unfortunately, many marketers would likely turn off marketing or paid ads based on this last-click data.  Businesses need to look at all attribution points. For example, if you were promoting a lead magnet via Facebook ads and only had last-click data, your ad would never show revenue based on the last click.  The first click was on the ad; the prospect then opts into your list, clicks an email then makes a purchase. The last click would go to the email, but if you had Wicked Reports, you would see revenue would be attributed to the ad on a first click.

wicked reports pricing and introductory offer

Wicked Reports – Introductory Price

As of writing this post, Wicked Reports is currently offering a $250 introductory price to get started.  Here is what is included in this introductory price:

• Live Conversion Data

• Funnel vision attribution designed to target profits in a top, middle, and bottom funnel

• Customer LTV and Delayed Conversion
tracking finds hidden paid ROI

• Dedicated CSM manager for your success

• Live Zoom calls as needed

• Introductory Pricing starts at $250

• Post-integration pricing scales based on CRM contacts

Wicked Reports is an essential tool for businesses that want to track customer behavior and conversions across multiple marketing channels. It allows businesses to make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategy and increase ROI. It’s especially useful for businesses that run multiple marketing campaigns and want to understand which campaigns are working and which are not.

Don’t drive blind when it comes to your marketing or, worse, trust the metrics Facebook Reporting gives. If you want to increase your ROI, check out Wicked Reports HERE.

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