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At The Lido Agency our goal is to increase your brand awareness and increase the amount of leads & sales coming into your business.

Your goals and objectives are our primary concern. 

As you go through our ‘Discovery Process’ we’ll get to know your unique challenges and pains as well as your goals and objectives. 

By going through our unique process we’ll get to understand your goals and objectives.

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"In our second full month with The Lido Agency we had our best month ever"

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Meet US

Bill & Michelle Pescosolido have been marketing and building brands online since 2010. They have taken their Facebook Advertising & Copywriting expertise to form The Lido Agency where they are dedicated to helping clients not only build brand awareness but to also increase revenue.

Here at The Lido Agency we aren’t “just another” ad agency we believe in creating partnerships with our clients for an individualized experience. 

You can be confident in knowing your business will be treated as a top priority which includes daily hands on ad monitoring, ad creation, testing, ad copy, and optimization. 

Weekly reporting that give you full transparency

So you know exactly what we're doing with your ad spend


"I’ve hired several different agencies to help me run my Facebook ads and the biggest thing I wanted and needed was an agency that was experienced, had experience working with other influencers, and who could navigate through all the changes and variables of Facebook advertising… that’s why I chose The Lido Agency."
Rob Sperry
10S Investments
“We’ve been using the Lido Agency and their advertising skills in our business for quite a while now so I have first hand knowledge of how good they are at Facebook advertising. If you’re looking for a team who creates and manages your Facebook ads I highly recommend them for your business too.”
Ray Higdon
The Higdon Group