Network Marketing Case Study: With Michelle Cunningham

Network Marketing Case Study: With Michelle Cunningham

Network Marketing Case Study – Michelle Cunningham is a successful trainer for network marketers who has built a thriving online brand. However, her journey to success wasn’t always smooth sailing.

In a recent case study, Michelle discussed the challenges she faced early on, particularly with selling more courses, building an audience, and understanding the process of offers and backends.

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Enter The Lido Agency, a digital marketing agency that has been working with Michelle for almost two and a half to three years. The Lido Agency helped Michelle transition from a launch model to an evergreen model, resulting in a more steady income stream.

Michelle credits The Lido Agency for changing her life and her business by connecting her with smart people, providing valuable advice, and running effective ads that drive traffic and increase revenue.

Since working with the agency, her sales had skyrocketed, and she was now making more money than she ever thought possible.

Challenges before working with The Lido Agency

One of the main challenges Michelle faced before working with The Lido Agency was being new to the world of digital marketing. She launched her first CD for sale in 2019 but didn’t have a solid understanding of the process beyond that.

She hired a random person she found on the internet to help her, but although it made her some money, she didn’t fully comprehend the importance of upsells, OTOs, and backends.

Michelle praised the agency’s personalized approach and their ability to understand her business goals. She felt that the agency truly cared about her success and was always available to answer her questions and offer guidance.

One of the key factors that set The Lido Agency apart from other agencies was their willingness to take risks. Michelle appreciated that they weren’t afraid to try new things and were always looking for ways to improve her results.

The most significant change in Michelle’s business model came when the agency recommended a high-ticket strategy. At first, Michelle was hesitant, but with the agency’s guidance, she implemented the strategy and saw a significant increase in her revenue. The high-ticket strategy has become the backbone of Michelle’s business, and she now swears by it.

She now has a solid evergreen model in place that runs all year and is supported by The Lido Agency’s effective ads. As a result, Michelle’s income stream is more stable, and she is no longer solely reliant on launching new products to make money.

What Makes The Lido Agency Stand Out From Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

According to Michelle, it’s their ability to deliver results.

Even when she briefly worked with another agency while still working with Lido, she found that The Lido Agency’s ads were more effective in driving traffic and increasing revenue. Michelle emphasizes that for her, the bottom line is what matters most, and The Lido Agency delivers in that regard.

She even shared while doing this case study real-time results that were coming in due to the ads being run by The Lido Agency.

When Asked What Has Been The Most Fun or Enjoyable Part About Working With The Lido Agency?

But it’s not just the results that impressed Michelle. She also enjoyed working with the team at The Lido Agency. She described their Zoom calls as “out of control” but incredibly fun. Michelle appreciates that they don’t take themselves too seriously but always take their clients’ businesses seriously.

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Network Marketing Case Study – Conclusion

In conclusion, Michelle Cunningham’s success story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of seeking out the right resources. With The Lido Agency’s help, Michelle was able to pivot her business and achieve long-term success.

Michelle encourages anyone who is considering working with The Lido Agency to do so. She praised the agency’s professionalism, dedication, and ability to achieve results.

You can learn more about Michelle at her website, michellecunningham.com, to learn more about her story and her experiences working with The Lido Agency

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