Advertising Case Study: Raising Capital with Hunter Thompson

Advertising Case Study – Many of our clients are influencers and business coaches but for every five influencers or coaches, we have business owners like Hunter Thompson whose business may seem different but fundamentally is like any other business. This is why we have such a great relationship with him, and I wanted to share some of his thoughts today.

Welcome to another case study interview for The Lido Agency. Today we have with us, one of our clients, Hunter Thompson who is the Managing Principal of ASYM Capital. Read the highlights of this interview below or simply hit “Play” below.

We know the readers among you may not want to watch the entire video above so here are the cliff notes.

Background about ASYM Capital

Hunter shares with us today a little bit of the company – ASYM Capital is a private equity company that’s called Asym capital. It’s short for Asymmetric Returns.

“And we also have coaching side of our business where we have a book, and we teach people how to do what I do professionally, which is raise money for real estate deals.”

And you can see the two businesses are kind of symbiotic in the sense that we raise capital, we also teach people how to raise capital. And so that’s a little bit about what we do.

Hunter has raised about somewhere close to $60 million for real estate deals and purchased around $150 million with real estate and then he wrote a book about the topic. The came about when he went to a conference of about 300 people and they said, raise your hand if you raised more than $100,000 and everyone raised their hand, then they said raise your hand if you raised more than a million dollars. Obviously, you know the drill there were less and less people raising their hands. Then they got to raise your hand if you’ve raised more than $20 Million and then it was like only him. That’s when he decided he should write a book about this.

And that’s what kind of led him to us in the sense that he already had a business that would exist regardless of The Lido Agency’s involvement. The evolution of the business was that it went from having a book, to coaching and now other kinds of programs. That’s when Hunter really wanted to partner with us. To get his other business ideas out into the world.

Hunter’s Business Prior to Working With The Lido Agency

Hunter shared a really great story inside the testimonial and it’s worth a listen. But essentially the story when like this….. Info products was a new space for him and so he knew he had to learn and train his team. Eventually, the learning became more expensive and time-consuming for him than it would be to simply hire an agency that already knew the ins and outs of the digital marketing and advertising space.

They were getting pretty far with organically but there was no predictability. They were performing all these various organic activities, speaking tours, media but there was no real consistency. And when leads dry up your business dries up even faster!

The lack of predictability of the cash flow can be a real challenge if you’re trying to grow your business. So that was where the challenge was.

Lido Agency Stands Out from the Rest

Hunter is a part of the ClickFunnels community and he was pretty well connected and was able to really get in touch with other agencies inside the ClickFunnels community so we asked what made us stand out from the rest. This is what he had to say.

“Well, I mean, I’m wearing a Clickfunnels shirt right now. I see you got a two comma Club board in the back and I find that the people that are dialed in to the Clickfunnels world, there’s just a culture similarity there. There’s just there’s more transparency because I am in some high level Click Funnels programs. We know a lot of the same people and by word of mouth that goes along with that. In the Click Funnels community, because we kind of all know each other, at least the people in the various coaching programs within Clickfunnels. So to get a referral from someone that I know personally, that’s doing hundreds of 1000s of dollars a month in revenue, especially with your pricing model. I was just really excited about the opportunity to get to know you guys and out of all the agencies I discussed I ended up going with you guys which is the first agency I’ve ever worked with.”

What would have happened?

We also asked Hunter what would have happened if he had not found us or decided to go with another agency?

You can get the full response at minute 7:30 but here are the cliff notes.

For serious business owners, this isn’t just another hypothetical question, they really know what will happen to their business and Hunter did not mince words.

“I know exactly what would have happened,” he said!

…..” because we did it without you guys before and what happened to us is what happens to almost every entrepreneur in this space! You get the launch cycle. Continuously launching a new product or service and not having anything sustainable or predictable.”

“That’s not a good way to build relationships with your clients. That’s not a predictable way to build cash flow. And also, it’s really challenging to build new stuff.”

“That’s what led me to us having a conversation with you guys.”

Benefits that Can be Measured

Everyone wants to know from our clients what were the results but sometimes those results don’t only come in monetary form. Hunter shared with us something quite interesting that is really at the heart of why you hire experts to do their job.

advertising case study

“Let me just talk about the the underlying theory first, because there’s a really important thing that took place in this industry that I know nothing about because we’re working with you guys. And that is everybody crying about iOS, killing their business. And I just don’t know what that even means!!!”

“I got into this space, … but because of your knowledge of what software’s to use, how to stay on top of it, how to continue to hammer down prices and continue to increase opt in ratios … My business kept going.”

“That’s not to say that wasn’t a really significant change. I know that it was, but I don’t know what that even means, because I’ve hired some professionals that are able to mitigate those challenges.”

Did that statement put a smile on our faces!

Not only did Hunter feel confident in our expertise but he shared that their program went from producing $10K a month to $170K Month almost all from paid advertising.

Hunter also shared the symbiotic relationship that he totally understands exists between organic efforts, email, content creation, and paid advertising.

This is something that Hunter being a great client does very well and we just had to recognize him for that. It’s really cool when the client understands the marriage between organic and paid and how they really can work together and integrate last.

advertising case study

The Best Part of Working With The Lido Agency

We had to ask Hunter, even though he shared so many other benefits before there is always one thing that stands out when working with an advertising agency and we wanted to know.

Here’s what Hunter had to say:

The thing that’s been most helpful is that your team will uncover things not exactly related to ads on a weekly basis, which is just indicative of them poking around to ensure that everything’s working. So like; ‘Hey, Hunter, there’s a misspelling on your landing page. I found it because I was checking a pixel again this morning.’

I think it’s just ingrained in us like I’m not really sure if we know another way to do it, other than to be really, really hands-on and really dive into the stuff.
I don’t know what other agencies do or not all I know is what we do. We treat it as if it were our own offer.

Hunter completely agreed with that and even mentioned that intuitively that’s what everyone wants from their agency.

We had an amazing time interviewing Hunter and sharing some highlights here.

You can catch the full case study above or at this link.

Stay tuned for another Client Case Study!

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