What’s Up Legend: A Case Study With Frazer Brookes

Today I’m interviewing legendary network marketing Coach, Frazer Brookes.


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If you’re not already aware, Frazer is a speaker, trainer, author, and has been a client of The Lido Agency for a year and a half. 

Before he decided to become a coach, Frazer had a very illustrious career as a network marketer himself; but now splits his time between social media influencing and coaching those currently working in the network marketing industry. 

He’s also got a chart-topping podcast, the “Network Marketing Ninja,” and he’s an all-around great guy.

Frazer agreed to sit down and discuss his experience as a client of The Lido Agency and how leveraging our services to market his offers with paid advertising has changed his business. 

1.   Question: Frazer, thank you for coming out and doing this case study for us! Let’s dive right in. What were some of the challenges you were dealing with before our partnership that led you to work with The Lido Agency?


It’s the least I could do and I’m excited to be here with you!

I used to work with a business partner who ran all the paid advertising. But outside of that, I knew I struggled to make sales. Especially when the relationship with that business partner ended. Not having a regular stream of new leads and sales worried me because I needed to be able to grow and scale my business. 

But the number one biggest problem for sure was finding someone I could trust. Someone to help me, serve me, and really commit to me and my business. Not another agency who may be there one day, but unable to reach the next day.

Then, I was highly recommended to seek out The Lido Agency and I just knew that you were someone I wanted to have a conversation with.

It’s kind of crazy, you know, 18 months later and here we are! 

2.   Question: That’s a great point! A lot of people might be thinking, sure, ‘I could hire any agency’ because, let’s be honest, ad agencies are a dime-a-dozen. So, how did your desire for someone who really understood you and had that trust factor affect your search for the right agency?


I have this really weird vision that If I’m a client with any other agency I’m literally just a number. Like, they don’t even use my name, I’m just ‘account number 384.’ But with The Lido Agency, my name is handwritten on a board, maybe even a nickname like ‘Frazer-Banter-Brookes’ and it’s looked at every day. You, Michelle, and the entire team at The Lido Agency are so kind and caring. You always pay attention to the details. Every time you and I have a business call we spend time working, as well as building a relationship, a friendship.

When I was searching for the right fit before, I didn’t like the idea of working with an agency that if I was to throw a party at the end of the year, I’d be reluctant to invite any of them. But with you guys, I feel like I could invite you in because I like your company; and I think that goes a long way.

I trust you guys explicitly with everything we do. I don’t feel like I have to micromanage. I feel like I’m part of a family more than just a number on aboard.

3.   Question: Out of all the agencies out there, what made The Lido Agency stand out for you during your time shopping around for answers? What made you decide to go with us?


What really stood out to me was The Lido Agency’s background. You know the ClickFunnels space, the Russell Brunson sphere, and I like that particular methodology when it comes to running ads. It was so nice knowing that I didn’t have to explain what a funnel is, the reason behind the funnel, why I have an upsell, and so on.  You just knew the terminology.

And to be honest with you, I’ve kind of stalked Michelle’s Facebook ads training since 2016 – maybe earlier than that. I saw that she had real mad skills when it comes to ads, so I decided to go with you guys!

4.   Question: Well, we’re glad you did too because it’s been a lot of fun having you with us. Now, this might be hard to say, but what do you think would have happened if you hadn’t partnered with us here at the Lido agency? How would things have turned out for you?


I think I’d still be looking for the right fit. Because I honestly don’t think that, for what I’m doing, that there’s any other agency that could help me the way The Lido Agency does. I know for a fact that I’d be behind as well. Because, you know, every now and again, I have a look at what else is out there or I get approached by an agency to run my Facebook ads. So, I’ll look at their methods, model, and pricing – I’ll look at how they work, and it just doesn’t suit me.

So, If I had to guess, I would’ve probably become so frustrated that I would’ve had to hire in-house. Then stress out about running the risk of spending all that time coaching them for them to leave, become independent, and have me as one of like 10 other clients. I know for a fact that I would’ve lost out on a lot of revenue. And honestly, I feel very uncomfortable at the idea of that.

5.   Question: What kind of measurable benefits would you say you’ve seen since working with us?


There are a few. The biggest one for me was my international reach. Currently, I’m in Moscow and I live in Dubai, but I’m British – and I didn’t want to be “the British guy.” I wanted to be “The International guy”. I wanted to build an audience in Europe, Australia, and the US. For me, the idea of my audience growing internationally meant I would be making money while I sleep because somewhere in the world someone would be buying my stuff.

The Lido Agency and I at this moment, literally just finished with a 10-day challenge and there were more US, Canadian, and rest of world customers than there were British customers!

And for a while, our business was stuck at the 7-figure mark, but since we started to partner with you guys our launches went from a $20k – $40k launch to like a $300,000 – $500,000 launch. Basically, our launch revenue was multiplied by 10.

But the biggest measurable difference The Lido Agency made, in my opinion, was the special tracking system that you and Michelle implemented. The system allowed me to understand the cost we’re spending on a lead and what the projected 90 days later amount being brought in would look like. The system allowed us to optimize the ads to a level where instead of me getting 1000 sales in a launch, we’re now getting 2,000 – 3,000 sales in a launch.

6.   Question: We didn’t create something from nothing, you did a tremendous amount of the work, so a large part of the credit goes straight to you! So, I know you mentioned some things earlier, but what aspects of working with The Lido Agency have been most helpful for you?


I’m a control freak and my biggest weakness is delegation. Before The Lido Agency, I’d go into Facebook ads manager every single day.  Ever since I signed on with you guys, one of the game changes was literally being able to go into the tracking system that you guys set up and feel like I don’t need to obsess over the numbers every minute of every day. I haven’t gone into the ads account for six months because I have full confidence that the ads are working.

I think there are some ad agencies that I’ve maybe spoken to or done a little trial with maybe a few years back, who just don’t care as much about my results. They only care about the ad spend. That’s another thing I love about you guys, you actually want me to get results. It’s absolutely clear to me that your agency, as a whole, really wants me to succeed. 

7.   Question: We do care about our relationship, and we care about you. The Lido Agency does its best as a unit to take your business venture seriously and have fun with it, too. So that being said, what aspects of working with The Lido Agency have been most enjoyable for you?


Ad creation used to be this huge pain in the neck and now I’ll contact you for a copy call and walk away not only having a good time but fully confident that you understood my messaging and aim for the ad.  It’s very, very difficult to find someone who not only can manage the ads but can also create the written word that goes with the ad the way you do. I walk away reading the ad copy and find myself wanting to buy my own product! I feel like I can set it and forget it.

That’s been enjoyable for me because I’ve actually learned a lot from you and the team with the little nuggets that you guys have given me along the way

8.   Question: That’s awesome because our aim is to do exactly as you said, “set it and forget it”. Our goal and mission are to make your goals a reality. So, is there anything else that you’d like to add?


Well, when you get a chance to work with Bill, Michelle, and the rest of the team, you don’t have to worry about the traffic. As long as you’ve got the product that people are going to enjoy, your business is going to grow.

You’ll bring in not only new leads, but the right ones – not just leads for the sake of it. Working with Bill and Michelle has honestly been a game-changer. I will always shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone who wants to know about how The Lido Agency leverages ads to build your business.

If you don’t use paid ads you haven’t really got a scalable business, you can’t scale for free. So, when you hire these awesome individuals, let me know so I can welcome you to The Lido Agency family!

A huge thank you to Frazer Brookes for sitting down with us today. We know that there are a lot of agencies out there, but The Lido Agency is ready to bring our years of expertise, communication, and understanding to you and your business.


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