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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working Now


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Hey guys! it’s Michelle from The Lido Agency. Today I want to talk to you guys about some of the top reasons why your Facebook ads are not working. We have been running ads, building brands online, and generating leads and sales since 2010. That was when Facebook only offered ad space on the right side and you could literally spend a dollar a day.

Things have definitely changed since then, So let’s have a quick reality check. Let me tell you about our experience. I want you to know that you can trust us. We run a top ad agency and have successful results with many amazing clients! These range from cooking classes and Real Estate to Network Marketing Leaders and Superstar Dog trainers. We have even ran ads for alcohol Intervention organizations that help people become and then stay sober. 

There are so many different ones, and we just have so much fun with them! But you know, one of the best things with getting these new clients on board is that we’ve worked with them for several years now! I’ve noticed a few key elements of working with them, and I wanted to take this time to share what I’ve learned.

“are the ads congruent with the audiences that you wish to reach?”


-Michelle Pescosolido


Alright, If you’ve got a really good Click through rate (CTR). then the customers are going to the next step which is your sales page. If it’s not converting, your agency should be looking at what your conversion rate is when traffic hits the page.

Now an agency can’t just tell you that your offer sucks, they need to have already completed a round of testing and verify that the offer is what is causing the not ideal outcome. And this is exactly what we do at The Lido Agency.

We perform extensive testing, and if the results are under par, then we consult the client and say the following:

We have ran tests on your ad sets, and have found that percentage rate and the standard industry rate of what an ideal conversion rate would be are not the same.

So that’s where we can work with the client. And this is what most agencies should be doing is working with you and helping you boost that conversion rate. 

If your audiences is clicking the ads, and they then go to your page, and then leave, this is simply a issue with the offer. The ad is working as it get the outcome of people going to your page. 

Now the flip side of this would be if you had low click-through rates.

I’ve seen people with low CTR combined with lots of sales. The sales volume would increase if we increased the CTR. It’s a combo of improving the audiences and making sure that the ads aren’t in learning limited mode. which I’ll get into more in a different post.

You should have a good agency that can create great ad copy for you to sell the click and have images and videos that pop in the newsfeed. So that’s what I wanted to share with you today. That’s my little tip for the day. I’m going to post more of these and share some of the other reasons why your Facebook ads may not be working. 

Thanks for reading!

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