7 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Facebook is an incredibly effective marketing platform when used correctly, but it can also be difficult to optimize your content and create the perfect campaign when trying to improve your Facebook ad conversions.

The platform is more competitive than ever, so it’s critical to do everything you can to catch your audience’s attention and drive traffic.

The copy is the first thing readers will notice in your ad, making it one of the most important elements in Facebook content.

Fortunately, putting together engaging ad copy doesn’t have to be as tough as it sounds.

These simple tips will help you develop the perfect copy for your next campaign.

1. Test Everything

Implementing regular A/B testing is an incredibly easy way to update your marketing practices, and ad copy is a great starting point for split tests.

Facebook allows you to A/B test and compares results for two different ads on a smaller scale before using the more effective one for the rest of the campaign.

Rather than testing two completely different pieces of content, begin by creating two ads that are completely identical aside from the copy.

This process allows you to isolate and test for a single variable.

If you test two or three differences at the same time, it’s impossible to tell which ones were most responsible for your results.

2. Focus on Click-throughs

Facebook allows you to test for a wide range of metrics including reach, conversions, and cost-per-click, but click-throughs might be the most important number.

Your Facebook ads are largely intended to draw in new customers, and the click-through rate is a clear indication of reader interest.

With that in mind, you should build most of your Facebook ad copy around generating clicks rather than driving conversions.

You can offer more long-form content once you’ve brought users to your site or web store.

This is the perfect time to offer more information about your brand and start a long-term customer relationship.

The opening ad, on the other hand, should usually be designed to maximize clicks and generate new leads.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

Most users aren’t expecting to make a purchase or engage with your brand on Facebook, so it’s crucial to create urgency and communicate a clear value.

A strong call to action makes readers feel like they’d be missing out if they didn’t learn more about your brand.

Phrases like “exclusive” and “limited-time” are a great way to increase traffic, especially if you’re offering a substantial discount.

Keep each ad’s copy short and to the point—most readers will only see your content for a few seconds while scrolling through their feed.

This is also the perfect opportunity to A/B test different calls to action and see what users connect with.

Even minor differences in ad copy can have a surprising impact on Facebook marketing results, so you should split-test two different options for every ad.

4. Leverage Audience Targeting

Facebook offers some of the most powerful audience targeting features of any marketing platform, and every marketer should take advantage.

The Facebook pixel provides a wide range of data points that can be used to create new audiences based on your marketing goals.

Custom targeting makes it easy to personalize your content and create relevant ads for each subset of your audience.

Rather than sending the same generic ad to every user, you can develop a number of ads based on the needs of each target audience.

This tip also plays back into developing goals for each marketing campaign.

Once you know exactly who each ad is targeting, it becomes much easier to create clear, directed copy and measure your results using the most relevant metric.

5. Offer a Lead Magnet

This has been a tried and true strategy for many years. Lead magnets are one of the most effective ways to entice readers and increase clicks, but they need to be tailored to your brand’s unique value.

An informational e-book, for example, can be offered for free to users who sign up for your email newsletter.

Your ad copy should start by mentioning the lead magnet and why it’s so valuable.

Use language that connects with customer needs and make it clear that they’re getting a great value simply for entering their email address.

Again, it’s important to remember that Facebook ads are primarily intended to promote traffic and subscriptions—even if you lose money on the lead magnet itself, you’ll earn even more back in new leads.

All things considered, lead magnets are a relatively low-cost way to grow your list.

6. Minimize Image Text

Some Facebook marketers include text on each ad’s image, but this isn’t always a good idea. It’s not because Facebook will disapprove your ad! No those days are over. But think about someone scrolling through the newsfeed. Do they want to read a whole lot of text or just see something really nice and click.

Facebook’s algorithm prefers content with relatively little image text, and they still recommend putting less than 20% text in every image.

In general, it’s better to have as little image text at all rather than include too much. If you want your creative speak to your audience, then do exactly that! In VIDEO!

If you’re using video then the text is simply the closed captions. Views will stop to “watch” and read your video then make a decision what to do next.

So minimize text on image and if you need your creative to “speak” then use video!

7. Include Prices

Most Facebook ads don’t include the price of the product or service, but customers typically want to know the cost upfront.

This is especially true if pricing is a selling point for your brand.

A lower price on something your audience needs will drive traffic more effectively than even the best ad copy.

If you’re advertising a price drop, make sure to include specific percentages or the total value of the discount.

Readers should know exactly what you’re offering before they click through to your website.

You also get “brownie” points with Facebook if you’re transparent about what you’re offering.

Final Thoughts:

Facebook is one of the best tools available for audience outreach, but generic or bland ad copy can derail an otherwise strong campaign.

Keep these tips in mind to create more engaging copy that resonates with your users and helps you reach your marketing goals.

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