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6 Signs You Need A Facebook Ad Agency

If you’ve ever thought you might need a Facebook ad agency, this guide will be perfect for you.
The truth is, running your own Facebook campaigns takes a lot of time and money.
You need to know…

  • Which type of Facebook ad to run
  • Who to target
  • How to set up your ad campaigns
  • What type of sales copy to write

… and you need to manage your ads on an almost daily basis.
Simply put, running Facebook ads for your business is not for the faint of heart.
You could easily start hemorrhaging cash and not realize it until it’s too late.
You could run the wrong type of ad and not get the desired action from your target audience.
Or, you could miss the mark with your targeting and show your ad to all the wrong people.
Bottom line: there are many moving parts to your Facebook ads so you better know what you’re doing if your want to see a strong ROI.
Enter the Facebook ad agency.
Any good Facebook ad agency will have the knowledge and experience necessary to run your Facebook ad campaigns for you.
While Facebook ad agencies aren’t right for every brand or businesses…
… they offer a number of advantages compared to managing your campaigns on you own.
Because agencies enable small and large businesses to achieve even better results while allocating fewer resources to Facebook marketing.
In other words, Facebook ad agencies will handle the bulk of your Facebook marketing which means you can get back to running your business.
So if you’ve ever wondered if you need a Facebook ad agency, this article will uncover 6 signs that it’s time for you to hire one.

1.) Your Team Doesn’t Have Facebook Ad Experience

Facebook offers a wide range of powerful marketing tools, but it can also be complicated for users who aren’t familiar with the platform.
If your team has trouble leveraging all of its features, you’re likely missing out on an important source of revenue for your business.
Facebook ad agencies, on the other hand, specialize in this kind of marketing and have worked on projects with a variety of clients.

An agency will know how to get the most out of Facebook’s tools and stay updated with the latest trends and developments in Facebook marketing.

Since agencies have more experience, they’ll know exactly how to market to your niche and take advantage of your brand’s unique value.
Plus, you won’t have to leave your marketing up to trial and error.
An agency will provide quick, results-based changes and dedicate entire teams to your company’s marketing strategies.
Outsourcing marketing is especially beneficial for smaller companies that need to focus more on large-scale growth than the intricacies of each marketing campaign.
If you don’t have a marketer on staff, you probably aren’t getting the best results.
If you are, you’re most likely paying more than you would spend on an agency.

2.) You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook Marketing

Marketing is an important investment for any business, but it can turn into a problem if it takes too much of your company’s resources.
Businesses that manage their own ad campaigns often spend too much time working on Facebook marketing and not enough on other tasks.
Once you have a dedicated team taking care of your marketing needs, your own employees will be free to drive growth in other ways.
You might think that an agency is too expensive, but remember that time is just as valuable.
Consider this: every hour you pay someone in-house to work on Facebook marketing is an hour that could have been spent on something else.
In fact, hiring in-house marketers could be costing you even more than what you’d spend on a proven Facebook ad agency.
Keeping an agency on retainer is usually significantly less expensive than paying an employee for the same amount of time, and that extra money doesn’t guarantee better results.

3.) You’re Worried About Turnover

The fact is, staff turnover is incredibly costly for employers.
Not to mention the process of finding a new candidate and making up for the lost hours can make it extremely difficult to keep your campaigns running smoothly.

Collaborating with an agency removes the risk of turnover and ensures that there will always be someone working for your brand.

Just as devoting too much time and money to marketing can prevent a startup from growing quickly…
… unexpected turnover is often a major obstacle for companies with limited resources.
Advertising agencies are more predictable than individual employees, and you can depend on them to scale with your business.

4.) You Advertise on Multiple Channels

You might be able to manage ad campaigns on Facebook alone, but things can add up quickly if you’re marketing on several online platforms.
Small businesses often spread themselves too thin by trying to appear on multiple social media sites but not having enough time or money to build a strong presence on any individual platform.
An ad agency will focus entirely on your Facebook marketing efforts and provide enough dynamic content to keep your readers coming back.
Your current marketing team can then spend more time on other channels and stay in communication with the ad agency to make sure both sides are working toward common goals.

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5.) You Don’t Have a Clear Direction

Marketing best practices change every day, both in general and specifically within Facebook.
In order for your business to succeed, you must stay up to date with these trends and apply the most effective strategies based on the latest updates.
If you’re running multiple marketing campaigns within your business, it can be tough to keep all this information in mind.
You want to create driven campaigns that target specific segments of your audience with relevant brand messaging.

But the question is…

What if you don’t know how to make that happen?

Small in-house marketing teams often have trouble managing all these responsibilities.
As a result, you’re probably not leveraging the best tactics for each channel.
Ad agencies, on the other hand, know the importance of a coordinated marketing effort and will work with you closely to craft strategies that will resonate with your audience.
Plus, your agency will identify what needs to be changed in your Facebook marketing strategies and help you achieve a quick increase in traffic and sales.

6.) You’re Having Technical Issues

Last but certainly not least, you definitely need a Facebook ad agency if you’re having technical issues.
Tools like Facebook product feed, pixel, and attribution are essential to getting the most out of the platform.
Unfortunately, they’re not always easy to set up, and many companies run into unexpected technical problems.
Not understanding the details of each feature and marketing metric will prevent your business from getting the most bang for your Facebook buck.
If a lack of knowledge and expertise is holding you back, consider reaching out to a Facebook ad agency that has experience with these issues.
They’ll walk you through these processes and provide a quick response if any problems come up later.

Final Thoughts: You Need A Facebook Ad Agency

In conclusion, you’re ready to look into a Facebook ad agency to run your ads if…

  1. You or your team doesn’t have Facebook ad experience
  2. You spend too much time on Facebook marketing
  3. You’re worried about turnover
  4. You advertise on multiple channels
  5. You don’t have a clear direction
  6. You’re having technical issues

If you’re experiencing any of these  could benefit from working with a reliable ad agency.
The thing is, hiring a Facebook ad agency might feel like a major investment for your business…
…but it could be the right decision if your current practices aren’t getting you the results you want.
If you’ve even tossed the idea around about using a Facebook ad agency then we’d love to speak with you.


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