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Advertising Case Study Lolly’s Kitchen: Making it Rain Cookies


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Today we’re talking to long-time Lido Agency clients, Preston and Lauren Anderson of Lolly’s Home Kitchen.

Lolly’s Kitchen offers courses with instructional tutorials designed to help people who want to take their cookie baking skills to the next level. If you want to decorate holiday-themed, specialty, or professional-looking cookies, look no further!

Lauren and Preston agreed to sit down and discuss life as entrepreneurs, challenges, and their experience with The Lido Agency getting Lolly’s Kitchen to the market through Facebook ads.

  1. Question: So, Lauren and Preston, first of all, welcome and thank you for being here! Before you started working with us here at The Lido Agency, what would you say were some of the challenges or problems that you would have faced with trying to just get your offers out there through online paid advertising?


Lauren: Thank you! We’re happy to be here. We had gotten to the point where we were kind of dangerous with Facebook ads. We knew “enough” to be running our own ads but definitely needed help to scale the offers properly. We were also starting to financially struggle a little bit, too. Overall, we knew we didn’t have the know-how to continue forward ourselves.

Preston: I mean, we were doing well and had some moments people would kill for but scaling past the basics in Facebook ads was really difficult.

  • Question: So how were those ups and downs affecting your business? Did you feel like you were leaving money on the table?


Lauren: All those struggles were clearly holding us back. It made us feel like we weren’t where we wanted to be. I just hated that stuck feeling. We knew we needed to take it to the next level, and we knew we needed help.

  • Question: Out of all the agencies out there, what made The Lido Agency stand out for you during your time shopping around for answers?


Lauren: Michelle said something that immediately made me think, “The Lido Agency is my people!” She said, “With The Lido Agency, you won’t go backwards- we will take you forward.” It made me confident that you guys would not take us back to where we were, and that you’d help take us to the next level, and be more profitable. That’s what did it for me.

Preston: That was definitely a part of it, for me. I also think the fact that you and Michelle work in tandem, and you don’t do the same things- you do the copy she does the ads- it was very unique. We spoke with a handful of agencies but The Lido Agency’s confidence in helping us grow was one of the things that really pushed me over the edge toward “yes”.

Lauren: I also liked your approach. The Lido Agency didn’t make me feel like we were just going to be “a client.” Like, we’re not just a number. You and Michelle made me feel like together you really dig in, to take care of us. So I really liked that.

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  • Question: That’s a great compliment. If you hadn’t decided to choose The Lido Agency, though, where do you think your business would be?


Preston: Not where we are now, that’s for sure!

Lauren: I cringe to even think of where we’d be without you guys, holy cow! You guys recognized our then-current level of Facebook advertising knowledge and filled in the gaps. The Lido Agency took the time to help us understand things that you could tell we didn’t understand. Even with another agency, I think the learning curve probably would have been steeper for us- and we probably would have hopped around to many agencies.

And If we hadn’t hired you, we definitely would have ruined our whole Facebook account and done some damage!

  • Question: What kind of measurable benefits would you say that you’ve seen since working with us?


Preston: You scaled us back and showed us incredible results. The Lido Agency took us from spending $2,000 a day in ad spend, and only earning a max of $50k in revenue, to spending that much in a month and earning up to $250,000! You taught us that we don’t have to spend nearly as much as we thought to earn the kind of revenue we were interested in earning.

  • Question: When you first saw us scale back your ad spend, were you a little freaked out?


Preston: No, I simply thought “trust the process.” Like, we’re paying you, so we have to trust you! Plus seeing the ROI increase like that didn’t hurt my confidence in The Lido Agency as well!

Lauren: It isn’t as measurable as numbers but my stress levels running a business were super high before hiring you guys. Now, I don’t worry anymore about what’s happening with ads or if they’re working, or why- I know that it’s being taken care of by experts and that took a huge burden of stress off my shoulders! Now I can spend time focusing on other aspects of our business like creating more cooking classes.

  • Question: What aspects of working with The Lido Agency have been most helpful for you?


Lauren: Other than taking the constant worry about ads off my shoulders, I’d say having an open line of communication. You aren’t like other agencies we’ve heard of that have “see ya when we see ya” attitude, where we only get a meeting once a month. You have so many facets of communication for us to connect to you in real-time, like Voxer. It’s been such a delight!

  • Question: So similar question, but slightly different. What aspect of working with The Lido Agency have been most enjoyable for you?


Lauren: You guys are just so fun to work with! Honestly, even though our copy calls tackle all the nitty-gritty, and accomplish what they need to, they’re honestly just so much fun! We always end up laughing. Overall, everyone at the agency is just so easy to work with.

  • Question: Awesome! Is there anything else that we should know anything else that you’d like to add at this point?


Lauren: Hire Lido!

Preston: Whenever anybody asks us who our agency is, I can’t get your guys’ name out of my mouth fast enough! I’ve tried to send you everybody I can because you’ve just done an incredible job for us. We’re beyond thrilled.

The whole all-roundedness of how you look at our account, how you strategize, and how you treat our business as a whole has just been incredible.

Question: So if someone is an aspiring cookier, or wants to discover how to make awesome, cookies that are both delicious and beautifully decorated that can impress their friends and family, where can people contact you?


Lauren: They can go to our website to access all the classes, tutorials, and all things cookies!

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