Meet the Team

Bill Pescosolido

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Michelle Pescosolido

Michelle has been running Facebook Ads since 2010. From starting with a $1 a day back in 2010 for her personal brand to spending over 20K a day as an agency owner the Lido Agency has become one of the most sought after agencies in the digital marketing influencer space. Michelle and her husband Bill have taken their personal success with building their brand online to now helping other influencers build a profitable business online using paid advertising.

Meet our Fearless Team

hilary final

Hilary De Freitas

My story started with Engineering (I have my Masters in Industrial Engineering) then I transitioned into digital marketing. 

Prior to coming to The Lido Agency I managed the social media marketing for other companies and I consulted on other digital marketing aspects. 

As a mother of 3 young girls I have to be extremely organized and on top of everything that’s going on at all times. 

Which means I bring organization, process control, leadership and communication to the operations here at The Lido Agency. 

If you choose to partner with us you will be seeing and hearing a lot from me (I’m the one who makes sure nothing slips through the cracks). 

My passions lie in family and my children and doing the best work possible for The Lido Agency and our clients.

zoli final

Zoltan "Zoli" Kato
Media Buyer

Hello there, my name is Zoli and I’m a Media Buyer here at The Lido Agency. 

I’m based in Transylvania, and NO, we don’t have vampires 🙂

I have a degree in mechanical engineering but my profession is in Direct Response marketing. 

Makes total sense, right? 

My role here is to manage the paid ads for The Lido Agency’s clients.  

My goal is to squeeze every last drop out of each ad campaign in order to generate as much profit as possible for our clients. 

I also love to dive into the tracking and analytics of our clients’ ad campaigns as well as keep up with the ever changing world of online marketing. 

Lastly, my hobbies include all sorts of outdoor activities and lately… dancing! 

hannah final

Hannah Alvarado
Jr Copywriter

Hi! I’m Hannah and I’m one of the copywriters here at The Lido Agency. 

My passion is to write compelling ad copy that converts! 

In fact, when you become a client here at The Lido Agency there’s a good chance I’ll have a hand in writing the “scroll stopping” ad copy for your ads! 

Which is great because I take pride in providing the best possible service to our clients. 

My background in Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing plays a significant role in writing ad copy that leads to conversions. 

Outside of work I love spending time reading, cooking (I make a mean mushroom Bulgogi) and being outdoors either running or kayaking.